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SAVAGE BABE Ambassadors

Congratulations savage boo thangs! 


We are so excited to have you part of the team representing Savage Babe and coming along side us to empower women to live their best most authentic lives. 

You have been selected as ambassador by both the Savage Babe Team & Community because we believe you to be the best fit to represent and promote Savage Babe in your daily life.

Before you continue reading, please make sure to click the 'DOCX' button below to read the AMBASSADOR AGREEMENT & Terms & Conditions which are a huge part of your responsibility as a Savage Babe ambassador:

Your Obligations:

  • 1. Actively spread our message by posting quality posts about our brand via your Instagram page and stories. You will be expected to upload 1 post per week as well as have 3 Savage Babe related stories. These can be any of the following:

    • Promo of Savage Babe merchandise.

    • A quote that resonates with the Savage Babe message.

    • Repost of a @savagebabecollection post (we love it when you put your own touch on posts!).

    • New releases/ upcoming Launch-related posts in stories or main feed.

    • Collaboration/Giveaway related posts.

  • 2. Modeling new apparel for launches when needed.

  • 3. Promoting upcoming launches on your social media platform.

  • 4. Attending and participating in ambassador meet & greet video meeting.

  • 5. Promoting your discount code on your social media pages.

  • 6. Turning on our post notifications so you won’t miss our posts! And we’ll do the same for each ambassador.

  • 7. When we host collaborations/giveaways, ambassadors are expected to help promote it on their social media platforms to help drive audiences over to it.

  • 8. Helping us at expos when circumstances allow. Unfortunately, our ambassador program does not pay for travel expenses to expos and/or events, so depending on where the expo is located, and if you are an ambassador and are able to make the expo or event, we would love for you to join us at our booth!

  • 9. Sending us photos of you in your Savage Babe apparel so we can post it.

Your Perks:

  • A free tank/tee or $20 in-store credit.

  • Discount codes for personal and commercial use.

  • Two Savage Babe Instagram Story Takeovers (Once every 6 months)

  • Being involved in possible photoshoots for new product launches when needed (depending on location).

  • Other possible free merchandise when the opportunity arises.

  • Meet & Greet Team meeting via Skype/Google Hangouts.

  • Exclusive access to chat with all the other ambassadors in our Team Savage Babe Instagram Group.

  • Ambassadors have the opportunity to be featured on our stories, posts, Ad-Campaigns, and other social media platforms such as our podcasts show & Facebook pages.

  • Share your story on the Savage Babe podcast.

Important Reminders:

***This is not a binding contract.


However, this is your agreement as being part of the ambassador program. We do have requirements for ambassadors to follow, and if these needs aren’t met there is potential to lose your ambassadorship with us, which brings us to our next topic:

​It's not ideal for us but sometimes necessary to remove an ambassador from our team, and we have done so in the past.

The following points below are some reasons to be removed from the program:
(1) Consistent lack of engagement on your social media platforms in helping us to promote our brand & message.
(2) Inconsistency in helping us to support others within the Savage Babe community on IG.
(3) If for any other reasons we feel that you have been MIA from empowering the women in our community and/or promoting the Savage Babe brand and message.

Please Complete:

Due Date: July 23, 2019

Before you submit the rest of this form...


Please email ( us a 3 different photos of yourself wearing or using Savage Babe gear so we can use it in your bio under the 'OUR TEAM' page. We recommend no mirror selfie photos or photos taken in low-lighting. Thanks!

Pick Your Ambassador Gift!
If you selected Shirt or Tank, these are the sizes we have available:
Let's do a Ambassador Meet & Greet! Check all that apply for you that works best for you to do a virtual meet and greet with everyone!
Did you read through the Ambassador Agreement?